A Hiatus at last!

Posted by Nima On Saturday, June 20, 2009 10 comments

Whew, it's been getting a bit dusty here in the Paleo Kingdom. Exams are over and things have entered a new stage. And pterosaurs will dominate the next few weeks. I'm working on a lot of new things right now, paleo-related and not. Since the pterosaur gallery on ArtEvolved will be opening soon - AND since the debate surrounding it has grabbed a bit too much of my attention (and that of many others) - I've decided to take a break from pterosaurs (and mile-long blog posts) and spill just a few beans on my next project... (which incidentally will NOT contain any pterosaurs!)

Here's a preliminary sketch for part of it. Anyone dare to guess what this creature is?

(Hint - it's anything but obvious.)

Good luck paleo fans :) Post your guesses below.