LIVE BLOGGING: Post #3: outlines

Posted by Nima On Sunday, October 18, 2009 4 comments


Done with the tree, and now the outlines of two Omeisaurus and a little Shunosaurus are more or less done. Next it will be the trees in the background and several more dinosaurs of both types.

As you can see, Omeisaurus had crazy long necks. And they were unbelievably thin near the head-neck joint.


Zach said...

Good stuff, sir. Give those poor eusauropods some biceps, though! :-D

Traumador said...

sweet, shaping up nicely.

just got home from work, but will be tuning in for the rest of my evening.

Nima said...

Hey thanks both of you guys.

Zach, I agree they look a bit slim-armed. But I don't think their biceps would be all that much thicker. Based on Greg Paul's and Scott Hartman's sauropod skeletals, these guys had rather lightly muscled limbs.

But to be fair I think a long time ago you drew some sauropods that looked even more bicep-challenged almost like Popeye ;-D
So I assume you may be speaking from experience? ;)

Zachary said...

Oh yeah. I point specifically to my very old Brachytrachelopan, which the new one is an apology for. :-)

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