Time to bust out your SAUROPODS!!!

Posted by Nima On Monday, October 12, 2009 3 comments

In case you haven't already heard...

The ArtEvolved Sauropod gallery is opening in two weeks, and I've gotten some great suggestions for new sauropod illustrations so far!

Here's what I've heard from my DeviantArt colleagues:

Omeisaurus (credit: DerKompsognathus)
Brachytrachelopan or other Dicraeosaurids (credit: Lycaenops)
Patagosaurus or Shunosaurus (credit: EmperorDinobot)
Rebbachisaurus (credit: ztwarmstrong)

Of course you don't have to be a member of DeviantArt to give me your sauropod suggestions. Just post them right here! I COULD simply draw my favorites, but I want to spice things up a bit and let all you dino-fans have a chance to choose what gets the Paleo King treatment next... it could be a classic favorite like Diplodocus, a strange new form like Nigersaurus, a mysterious supergiant like Paralititan or Andesaurus, or something entirely different!

There's still time to submit to the ArtEvolved gallery, OR give me a suggestion of what sauropod dinosaur you want to see drawn, and I will draw the best suggestion (or maybe two or three) and give you credit in the final submission, and on all three of my sites. Yep, some free fame courtesy of the Paleo King himself! And who knows, you might even win a surprise prize.

So send me your sauropod ideas, the next dinosaur I draw could be YOURS!


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Zach said...


Nima said...

Wow Zach... between this blog, friends, email and DeviantArt, you're at least the third or fourth person that's suggested Brachytrachelopan... which means it's a LOT more popular than I thought... how ironic that the sauropod that people have been suggesting to me the most is the one with the LEAST NECK!

Right now I'm working on some colossal macronarians (mostly titanosaurs) but cute little Brachytrachelopan would certainly make a nice contrast with these monsters... I'm also hoping to squeeze Rebbachisaurus and Amargasaurus into the remaining couple of weeks! If not then they'll be one of those better-late-than-never entries.

Last but not least, thanks for commenting here, I'd really appreciate more of your comments :)

The rest of you are still free to suggest more sauropods, I haven't finalized all my choices yet but suffice it to say I'm looking at a couple of nearly finished titanosaurs, a brachiosaur piece or two, and a euhelopodid (I use that term loosely...) A couple of diplodocoids and camarasaurs and Shunosaurus may also be on the agenda.

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