LIVE BLOGGING: Post # 10: Correction, THIS is almost done!

Posted by Nima On Monday, November 9, 2009 6 comments


Finally the REAL end is in sight... a bit late for ArtEvolved - but well worth the wait, methinks!

Here's the Dashanpu scene with more Omeisaurus patterned and shaded. And a lot more detail on the ground. Next I'll put in the croc, fill in a few more ground features and water surfaces, pattern the Shunosaurus herd, and that will pretty much be it!


Michael O. Erickson said...

Spine-tinglingly freakishly fantabulous!

In English, that means "way cool, dude" :)

Nima said...

Thanx, it's practically done so the final effect is even more awesomeness!

hehe, BTW I've been to England... and yes they do say 'fantabulous' an awwwwwful lot. "Smashing" is so last millennium.

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