LIVE BLOGGING: Post #9: Almost done!

Posted by Nima On Sunday, November 1, 2009 7 comments


Here it comes.... Looks like I'll be done soon.

Already got the patterns on one Omeisaurus, now to do the rest, and the Shunosaurus herd (can't forget those little guys, can we?) and the lake up front. That lake needs a crocodile. Trees are pretty much done.


Leo said...

This picture looks great.
I would like to ask you the permission to host your (amazing) Pachyrhinosaurus for a post on my blog ["Geomythologica":] about the cranial ornamentation of this incredible animal. The picture will correctly display your kind courtesy as well as your copyright.



Nima said...

Great idea Leo. Of course I give you permission to host the Pachyrhinosaurus. Just say "Copyright Nima Sassani 2009".

Also, in your post, near the picture please put a link to this blog and another one to my site:


Michael O. Erickson said...

Now THAT'S what I call cool. Love the color patterns on the Omeisaurus. And I agree that the lake needs a croc.

Michael O. Erickson said...

Sent the Greg Paul Mamenchisaurus over.

Check Inbox.


Nima said...

I looked at the Mamenchisaurus. That thing is gorgeous.

Very nice. High five!

Michael O. Erickson said...

It is spine-shiveringly awesome, ain't it?

Albertonykus said...

I'm sorry to say that at one point I accepted Horner's pachycephalosaur hypothesis. (Ouch: Reading this discussion makes me rethink.

Marginocephalia polyphyletic? How widely-accepted is that?

On the subject of paleontological highlights, I'm surprised Tianyulong hasn't cropped up here.

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