Guess what? It's Draw a Dinosaur Day!

Posted by Nima On Tuesday, February 1, 2011 0 comments

Well, I almost forgot to say that Draw a Dinosaur Day was on January 30th, but they are still taking submissions. Mad props to Trish over at ArtEvolved for getting the word out!

You don't have to be a paleo-Michelangelo or even an artist, period! Just sketch, doodle, or engrave a dinosaur, real or not, and send it in! Here's the submission link:

When you click there, there's an easy upload window and you can write a quick caption about your dinosaur. Fill out your email, click "submit" and you're done!

They'll review it and post it usually within a few hours, so check back often (they absolutely won't reject your drawing based on skill or quality, trust me - the "reviewing" is just a formality to make sure it's not porn or spam). It's just a fun excuse to relax, bust out the pencils and.... draw a dinosaur!

I sent mine in today. And it's already generating some attention. Click HERE to see it on their site.


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