The new look - what are your thoughts?

Posted by Nima On Thursday, May 19, 2011 1 comments

This is pretty off-topic but short. As most of you probably noticed, I have changed the look of this blog pretty recently. I was getting tired of the old basic look and some people were claiming that the contrast of the colors hurt their eyes, so I went for something a bit more interesting and less intense on the eyes. It's not really paleo-related, but to get that you pretty much have to make a custom template which I unfortunately don't have time for now.

So, paleo-fans, what do you think? Do you like the new look of this blog better, prefer the old look, or think there's an even better template I should use?


Also, for those of you doing paleo-art, feel free to copy and paste this logo proudly on your site or your art if you're not using GSP as a reference:



ScottE said...

Rather nice, actually, though I have to copy and paste the text into a text editor in order to read it. (The light type on black BG is nigh unreadable for people like myself, and it gets worse every year.)

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