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I decided when I started this blog that it would be devoted to science, not politics. But politics has interfered in the future of the blogosphere in a very nasty way. And no other paleo-bloggers seem to be speaking out on this.

The good-for-nothing U.S. congress with its self-serving members and their 80% public DISapproval ratings is trying to ram through two bills into law which would decimate the freedom of the internet under the deceptive auspices of stopping piracy. ANY site or blog which links to other sites that contain copyrighted material could be falsely banned or shut down under the draconian provisions of the PIPA and SOPA acts, and bloggers like myself and many of us in the Paleo-blogosphere may be forced to shut down because of over-reaching government meddling in private rights of citizens. ANY activity relating to links to another site or posting material from other websites for mere educational non-profit purposes could be construed as a "copyright infringement" even if properly attributed to its authors, and may result in lawsuits, harassment, and even indefinite arrest under false charges of "piracy" without access to any legal representation.

In addition, many internet programmers and companies will be crippled by all the convoluted clauses of these bills which allow government to interfere at any point in the delivery of online content to consumers. It will damage the economy even further than foolish wars and corrupt bank bailouts, to the point that most businesses that advertise or sell online will end up having to spend even more money on lawyers to cover their backsides and fight arbitrary censorship, this time against unscrupulous FCC cronies and their Wall Street paymasters. That’s why AOL, EBay, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Mozilla, Twitter, Yahoo and Zynga wrote a letter to Congress protesting the bills, saying these bills “pose a serious risk to our industry’s continued track record of innovation and job-creation.” And small businesses, which make up the bulk of the private sector, will be forced to close their doors or suspend their websites altogether due to prohibitively high legal costs of warding off frivolous government accusations of "piracy", laying off millions more employees in the long run. More than 200 entrepreneurs have slammed these bills as dangerous to the economy and destructive to innovation and job growth. And the brain-dead pork barrel congressmen and women (who seem to keep getting re-elected despite their dismal track records) want to tell us that THIS is the freedom that we need to export to the rest of the world on the back of tanks and Apache helicopters? I didn't vote for this Orwellian crap. Nobody was given a choice.

And the worst part is that these bills were written by ignorant lazy media conglomerate shills who don't even have a clue how the internet works. You can tell just based on the vague language of the things how these politicians are totally behind the times and are trying to police the web based on intrusive stone-age protocols. Half of them don't even know what twitter is and are trying to convince the country that dinosaurs and humans lived together in Eden. And they're trying to claim they know better than you and me what needs to be done with technology. What's more, their sad excuses for anti-piracy legislation are USELESS at stopping online piracy.

For those of you outside of America, don't think that this problem doesn't involve you. Whatever the United States government can get away with in domestic economic policy, the rest of the world will likely follow suit, if not do even worse. The problem of government censorship of the internet could very well spread to your shores if it is not stopped while it's still just here.

PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION on Google's website to tell Congress that you are not just going to sit there and swallow their coercion like a fool. Censorship does not belong on the internet. And neither does the act of collectively punishing the entire web for the acts of a few software pirates. If you do nothing... then welcome to Oceania.

P.S. this post is meant to criticize the draconian broad-brush punishment favored by your congressmen/women, not to defend the crime. I am not advocating piracy of any sort. However the PIPA and SOPA bills are not a solution to the pirate problem, and they are actually creating far worse hardships for the economy and threatening liberty itself.

P.P.S. to all those deluded teabagger neocons out there who think this is 100% Obama's fault - it's congress that wrote these bills, and none of your wall street-funded candidates has done anything to stop them so far either, despite all their empty promises to "shrink government" and "reduce intrusive regulations on business". 
(BTW I'm not referring to Ron Paul here, he's the furthest thing from a neocon or corporate lackey.)


Anonymous said...

i for any thing that shut down youtube the biggest pirate hollywood company support the bill hollywood is good for the economy the bill fail for now some thing has to be done about piracy youtube has been on for years

Nima said...

Dude, grow up and learn proper grammar and punctuation first of all.
Then, you are completely wrong about Youtube. Youtube is not a "pirate", it's just a site where anyone can post videos. In fact Youtube always TAKES DOWN videos that are pirated or otherwise violate copyright whenever the copyright holder complains to them.

Seriously, educate yourself before you go mouthing off or I will ban you and delete your comments. Stop spewing idiotic nonsense. Youtube already blocks pirated videos, there's no need for these draconian bills. Hollywood is not "good for the economy", do you know how badly they treat most of their actors? 90% of them never make a decent living and many great movie ideas get killed by arrogant studios who constantly stifle creativity, fire good directors, and keep regurgitating the same old dumbed-down garbage, and they're gouging ticket prices more than ever - people are sick of it, so they actually resort to piracy INSTEAD of going to the movies. Hollywood's price gouging is to blame for the spike in pirated movies - Hollywood's policies are bad for the economy and they are also shooting themselves in the foot, expecting big government to bail them out (hmm where have we seen this before?). And don't even get me started on ethnic typecasting. If you're Italian you usually only get mobster roles, if you're middle eastern you can only play terrorists, regardless of how much talent you have. There is a ton of racial stereotyping that goes on in Hollywood. This is not just unethical, it's also bad for business since many actors are never allowed to realize the full potential of their creative talents (which MIGHT actually bring in more money in ticket sales than the same old flat, boring sterotype characters).

Nima said...

And this is why I don't discuss politics on The Paleo King. People are so ignorant and immature these days about it that there's no point in debating so many retarded brainwashed trolls and wasting my time. Life's too short, and some people should really go get one.

Anonymous said...

Here in the UK they've just recently started to attempt to regulate the web the same way that oppressive countries like China do. The Swedish web site "The Pirate Bay" has been blocked by some of the larger Internet Service Providers following a court case pushed by the British Record Industry.
Fortunately the people who run Pirate Bay are way ahead and the block can easily be got round using proxies like piratereverse.info.
As for Youtube I think there is a lot of copyrighted stuff on there even though they take down some of it. Personally I think the free movement of information is a good thing for society though. The internet was started by CERN scientists for exactly that reason so best keep it that way.

Pierre D'yvoire said...

I tried to sign your petition from France,but the link you give made "error, 404".Sorry,and I am more and more unquiet about the various menaces against freedom in the net.What will the system use as new argument to restraint liberty and tie and spying citizens?There was terrorism,pedophily,drugs,speed on the road,racism,now copyrights and then what?Rights of the women?Penguins of Kosovo?Heatening of the hole in ozone layer?People have urgently to wake up before the world to become a giant goulag... for our security,sure!

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